Thursday, September 3, 2009

ColorCode 1.0 Released!

Nearly two years ago I started a "slack project" to create a source code colorizer for CodePlex because none of the existing open source options that would work for us had a friendly license. Then, a year ago, I publicly launched ColorCode as an open source project. But I didn't actually package the library as a release that people could download. Folks who wanted to use ColorCode had to build it from source themselves.

CodePlex has been using ColorCode throughout that time. And Microsoft's Forums websites have been using ColorCode for six months. There's another team within Microsoft currently building a site that uses ColorCode as well. It's fair to say it's been stable and well-used for quite some time, even without a formal release.

But there were some things I wanted to do before I took the 1.0 step. Forums needed C++ language support. And there were a handful of unresolved bugs. Well, thanks to tonight's insomnia, all that's behind me. I'm happy to announce that ColorCode 1.0 is now available on CodePlex.

There are still plenty of features that could be added, but I'd rather let the people using ColorCode drive that. And, of course, there will always be new languages to add (Ruby and Python are high atop my list). But I'm happy with the languages included in 1.0 (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, C#, VB.NET, C++, and ASP.NET).

I send many thanks to the CodePlex team's developers and testers for their contributions, especially Matt Hawley and Rahul Jajoo.

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